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Date: June 13, 2019

Occurs: Every June 13th

Location: Jeremiah 29 and 31

Warnings came to the people of Judah over and over again. They were warned that if they continued in their rebellion, they would be sent away.  They would not live in the land that God had promised them, at least for a period of time.  Moses had warned them hundreds of years before.  The Lord warned Solomon and now Micah warned them.  Yet, they kept pushing Yahweh out of their lives.
Since God always honors what He said He would do, He punished them by sending the Babylonians to conquer Judah and exile them to the east.  The northern kingdom of Israel had already experienced deportation, about 136 years earlier.  Judah should have learned from that, but they did not.  They kept rebelling against God.  Habakkuk and Jeremiah were contemporaries of each other; that is, they lived at about the same time.  When Habakkuk learned of the coming Babylonian exile, he complained to God that the Babylonians were in rebellion against Yahweh also.  Yahweh would punish the Babylonians too, but only after the punishment of Judah.  
The Babylonians came to conquer Judah.  It took them two years to do it, but they eventually defeated Judah.  It was a very sad day when most of the people of Judah were forced to leave their homes and live in a different country.  A few people were allowed to stay behind in Judah, but not many.  One of those who was allowed to stay in Judah was the prophet Jeremiah.  Jeremiah was quite sad and even wept over the rebellion of Judah and their exile to Babylon.  He warned Judah not to continue in their rebellion, but they did not heed his advice.
But good news was coming from Yahweh.  The exile would only last 70 years.  Although their rebellion had lasted hundreds of years, their captivity would not be that long.  More good news was coming: Yahweh would send a coming Descendant of David that would bring justice and righteousness. Earlier, Isaiah had referred to this Descendant of David as the suffering servant.  
When God punished Adam and Eve, He also gave them hope when He gave them new clothes.  When God punished the people of Noah’s day, He also gave them hope when He gave the rainbow and promised He would never flood the earth again.  Now, just like then, God was punishing Judah for their rebellion, but He was also giving them hope.  The people of Judah would be allowed to go back to the land; that gave them hope.  God would sent a deliverer; that gave them hope.

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