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Saul, Israel's First King - Read the Story

Date: May 16, 2019

Occurs: Every May 16th

Location: 1 Samuel 15

The people of Israel had a tendency to look at the other nations around them.  They adopted their ways, they married their women, and they liked their politics.  God wanted Israel to be a distinct nation that worshipped Him but they regularly chose to be more like the nations around them than the God who delivered them.
Such was the case of wanting a leader.  Most of the other countries around them had a king.  So, naturally, Israel saw that and thought that would be good for them.  Even though they had a great national leader in Samuel and even though God was really their king, they wanted a human to be their king, like the other nations.
This grieved God and it also grieved Samuel.  When God discussed this matter with Samuel, He told Samuel that they were rejecting Him. Samuel was to establish a kingship and God chose Saul to be the first king of Israel.
At first, Saul got off to a good start.  He was tall, handsome, humble, and he feared God.  But, soon after that, he became impulsive and tried to take the place of the priest even though he was not a priest.  Samuel rebuked Saul for this but it didn’t seem to change anything Saul did.  He certainly did not have a change of heart.  Later, Saul and his troops were supposed to eliminate the Amalekites, who had disturbed Israel for 300 years but Saul did not completely obey.  It was at this point God determined to remove Saul from being king of this great country.  His kingship would not be passed on to his family.  Instead, a young boy named David would be the next king.
It took some time for David to become king.  Saul ruled Israel for 40 years.  For much of that time, he was a bitter man who never really repented of anything he did wrong by disobeying God.  He tried to have the next king, David, killed on at least two occasions.  
Saul’s life ended sadly on a battlefield with his three sons.  It was an embarrassing battle loss to the Philistines.  Eventually, David became the king of Israel.  He had a heart for God and even though David made mistakes, he repented of his sin, something Saul never did.  When God wants someone to lead His people, He wants that person to have a humble and repentant heart.

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