Care for the Children

At ABWE’s Next Generation Ministries, we are indeed grateful for your contributions to Care for the Children.  Care for the Children helps children in crises such as orphans or children who are in extreme need.  By providing food, clothing, education, and counseling, Care for the Children has helped children in Haiti, Nepal, India, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Croatia in 2016. Many have responded and come to Christ.

Recently, Care for the Children, sponsored 135 youth to come to SAC (Sponsor A Child) Camp in Asia.  These youth came from the inner city and were able to come free because somebody cared. 134 of the 135 youth came from non-Christian homes and many came to Christ  These youth are now being followed up by local believers.

In Nicaragua, we received a request to help feed poverty kids.  We responded to committed believers by sending them a large financial gift so that they could purchase food for children who have nothing by anybody’s standards.

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